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This action cannot be undone

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7HankWhere is he lads?

Last I've seen was this:
Hamudi made another sensational video regarding the Blackpill in which he claimed he had been blackpilled on an even deeper level which he dubbed 'the Hiroshima-Nagasaki blackpill', updated for the current year (2019). In the video, a deeply melancholic Hamudi proclaims himself 'the next Elliot Rodger'. Hamudi then states that his viewers will likely 'rope' (commit suicide) after learning of the blackpill facts he will reveal.

He then lists many flaws that he proclaims are a death sentence in terms of SMV for the bearers of them. Such as dicklets, baldcels, manlets, ethnics, and blackcels.

Hamudi goes on the praise and agrees with then U.S President Trump's controversial statement that third-world and especially Middle-eastern countries are 'shitholes'.

'Left-wing' white women in Germany to are subjected to condemnation, with Hamudi accusing them of hypocrisy for praising the mass importation of refugees, but continuing to direct their romantic affection towards white men, saying "If it comes to fucking or to get pussy they don't want the Abdul from Syria or the ugly African sand-nigger (in their speech) they want white people".

He then states that 'it's over' for those with a low-iq because they can't get a decent job, thereby attracting women with their financial status, but then states that it's also over for successful wagecucks, as they are competing with far wealthier men.

Hamudi then proclaims that it's also over for disabledcels or those with poor eye-sight that require eye-glasses, stating that he himself has a disability. He then argues that simply being born as a male is a disadvantage, as women live on tutorial island while males are forced to partake in a brutal Darwinian struggle for existence. An example of this dynamic he provides is the fact that even landwhales manage to obtain plentiful orbiters and romantic prospects.

Finally, he blasts members of the MGTOW movement, proclaiming that they are simply ugly men that were 'forced to go their own way'. He states that women don't care about MGTOWs withholding their attention from women because they want ugly men dead. Just like the first video in this series, it received plenty of internet attention.

In 2020, Hamudi additionally became critical of the COVID-19 measures, gaining new subscribers. Part of his German audience only knows him because of this.

In July 2020, Hamudi claimed he is not doing well, in a more emotional way than usual.[18] Close to tears, he said it's about time for him to decide whether he will "meet Baraka" (commit suicide like a former self-identified incel) or not.[18] Veronika Kracher mentions the video in her book Incels: Geschichte, Sprache und Ideologie eines Online-Kults, describing him as "obvisiously depressive and suicidal".[21]

In September 2020 Hamudi published his last video, in which he announced that he will close his channel because he claimed he was being surveilled by the German government for his anti-COVID activism.[22] He then said there were plans for a new lockdown in Germany, which would affect Christmas and New Year's Eve.[22]

His channels on BitChute and Vimeo still exist, but are inactive. According to Hamudi's close YT friend Incel TV, he also doesn't respond to emails anymore.[23]

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